One Tap At A Time

Life Coaching using Faster EFT

Debbie Aitken, RN, BSN

FasterEFT Advanced Practitioner Level IV

Phone: 405-919-2168
 Skype ID: victorianlady1403
Who is Debbie… 

I am a registered nurse and received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva, OK in 1993. I have a background in psychiatric nursing. I have always been fascinated with the mind and I am learning new and exciting things every day.

I had never heard of FasterEFT until one day, which had been a very bad day, I mentioned to a friend of mine, “I wish I could have your attitude about life.” He said he could show me how, and he did. We did a FasterEFT tapping session, with me having no idea whatsoever what it was, how it worked or anything about it. We didn’t have time to deal with all my “stuff” that evening, but just the session, changed my life. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about this amazing process. My friend invited me to attend one of Robert’s weekend workshops. I went, still unsure about the concept. My friend told me, “If you’re smart, you’ll get in Robert’s hot seat.” I did get in the “hot seat” and a major change took place.

I bought the ultimate training course and have attended numerous weekend and training seminars held by Robert.  I completed the Level III training in October 2010 and received my FasterEFT Advanced Practitioner (Level IV) in June 2012.  I continue to repeat live trainings, watch training videos and study FasterEFT.

I’ve been to Habilitat in Hawaii, with Robert, three times. I went the first time in January 2013, with Robert and 9 other Faster EFT practitioners.  My second visit was January/February 2014, with Robert and 11 other practitioners. I just returned from my third visit January/February 2-15, with 11 other practitioners. It is a drug and alcohol rehab treatment program which had an amazing success rate.  We tapped on over 75% of the clients who were at Habilitat, along with some of the staff.  We saw major transformations before our very eyes.

I attendeded the Heal Your Sexual Self Seminar in Las Vegas, in March 2014, and received a certification of completion from Robert.

I am also now offering Crossfire sessions with my tapping partner Vicki Donhowe. We can do these live or via Skype. This is when two practitioners are tapping on you at the same time. It’s an amazing process.

Faster EFT has changed my life and I can help you change yours. One tap at a time…





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